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Have you been affected by the UK government’s Hotel Quarantine Policy?

We believe the policy has been poorly managed and has infringed on people’s human rights.

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We want to hear from anyone who has been forced to hotel quarantine in the UK that would like to find out how to claim back their money.

There may also be the opportunity to claim compensation for other losses incurred from being forced to stay at hotel quarantine.

PGMBM are investigating the possibility of bringing a group action on behalf of the thousands of people impacted.

Anyone registered with us will be the first to know if we go forward with legal action.

It is our wholehearted belief that the Hotel Quarantine Policy requires judicial scrutiny.

By registering your details with us, we can hold the government accountable for its policy making and, most of all, for its unfair neglect of the basic human rights we all deserve.

Even those who are fully vaccinated need to stay in hotel quarantine

Since Covid-19 vaccines became readily available, nearly all European countries using hotel quarantine have stopped forcing fully vaccinated people to quarantine at a hotel.

Ireland removed their mandatory hotel quarantine requirement for passengers who were fully protected by approved Covid-19 vaccines in August 2021.

Similarly, the Swiss government removed all quarantine and testing requirements for those entering the country fully vaccinated or having recovered from Covid-19.

Aren’t these measures necessary?

The government has assumed that law abiding people – most of the population – will not adhere to home quarantine.

It has given no indication as to when the policy may end, nor has it provided any logical explanation to support the imposition of the policy.

We do not believe that preventative and unlawful detention is necessary. Detention should be the last resort, not the first option.

As things stand, inbound travellers are detained even if they have been double vaccinated, irrespective of having repeatedly tested negative for Covid-19, and regardless of their reasons for travel.

We think this is both wrong and unlawful.

What is the Hotel Quarantine Policy?

From 15 February 2021, anyone returning to England from a red-list country has been required to complete a 10-day quarantine under supervision in a government-assigned hotel at their own expense.

Originally, the cost was £1,750 each, with additional adults charged at £650. 

From 12 August 2021, these figures rose 30% to £2,285, with additional adults charged at £1,430 (a 120% increase).

Hotel quarantine in the UK applies irrespective of Covid-19 symptoms, a positive test result prior to arrival, and regardless of vaccinations.

Once travellers are in their hotel rooms, they must remain there until their quarantine ends (except for limited and exceptional ‘permitted reasons’).

Visible security is in place to ensure compliance and enforcement where necessary. Children are subject to the same rules.

Hotel quarantine worldwide

We strongly believe that the Hotel Quarantine Policy violates fundamental human rights and respect for private and family life.

In Canada, the government delayed its plan to charge returning travellers $2,000 for mandatory hotel quarantine after significant public backlash and the threat of legal action.

Nearly all European countries using hotel quarantine have stopped forcing fully vaccinated people to quarantine at a hotel.

We believe it is time for the UK to follow the example of other European countries. 


Be part of a case that could define future policymaking decisions

Uphold your right to liberty and respect for private and family life

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PGMBM’s views

PGMBM believe that forcing people to quarantine in a hotel at their own cost unlawfully and disproportionately violates their fundamental right to liberty.

We feel it is our responsibility as a law firm to ensure that no one is unlawfully detained in their own country in the name of public health.  

Whilst the firm acknowledges the importance of protecting public health and understands that any public policy decision aiming to prevent the spread of the virus is inherently challenging, we believe the government should not use this as an excuse to unfairly deprive people of their human rights.

This thoughtless one size fits all policy has, and will continue to have, serious and far-reaching implications for tens of thousands of non-infectious, low risk people.


We believe it is disproportionate for the UK government to require its citizens to pay, at their own expense, for the privilege of staying in their own country where they already have a place of residence.

It is unreasonable for the government to assume the ineffectiveness of home quarantine without first considering alternatives, which have already been successfully implemented in many other countries across the world.

The United Kingdom, as a Member State of the World Health Organization, has disregarded its international obligations under Article 40 of the International Health Regulations, which expressly prohibits Member States from imposing a charge to travellers who are subject to quarantine requirements.

We understand that the government must impose penalties to encourage compliance.

However, the imposition of imprisonment for up to 10 years – the same as many firearms and sexual offences – in addition to a maximum fine of £10,000 for those who do not adhere to quarantine rules, is a disproportionate threat and a complete abuse of power.

PGMBM wholeheartedly appreciates the seriousness of the pandemic, its impact globally, and the efforts of governments and healthcare workers to tackle it. We are in no way suggesting the pandemic is not a serious matter that should be handled with care.

This does not, however, mean that policies violating human rights should avoid judicial scrutiny.

It is time to take a stand and ensure the government is held to account.

Tom Goodhead, PGMBM’s Managing Partner, said: “These announcements are entirely underwhelming and still leave the UK far behind other European countries in making travel easier.”

“The limited removals from the red-list and the maintenance of the frighteningly authoritarian hotel quarantine are disgraceful. British citizens and residents still face the prospect of unlawful imprisonment if they travel to countries on the red-list on their return.”

“Getting rid of testing all together would have been the right thing to do,” he continued.

“Maintaining day two tests, but changing them to lateral flow tests, is illogical and PGMBM will consider Judicial Review of this maintained requirement.”

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